Honorary member

Who can become an honorary member?

  • Former YBM presidents become honorary members at the end of their term.
  • The Board of Directors may also elect any other person it deems appropriate. This election must be held in accordance with the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria

Any member of the Board of Directors may nominate a person who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the YBM and/or in collaboration with the YBM, notably through:

  • The quality of their work;
  • Attendance;
  • Dedication to the regional, national and/or international development of the YBM;
  • One or more outstanding achievements;
  • Leadership; or
  • Innovative ideas.

The candidate must not be or have ceased to be a member of the YBM at the time of nomination, and must have accumulated more than 10 years of practice by May 1st of the year of nomination, if he or she is a lawyer, notary or other jurist.

What does it mean to be an honorary member?

  • Being an honorary member is an acknowledgement by the YBM of a person's significant contribution to the association. Such members have played an integral part in the development of the YBM.
  • Honorary Members are considered life members of the YBM.
    • As such, they can participate in all events at the member price and benefit from all the services offered by the YBM.
    • However, Honorary Members do not have voting rights and cannot sit on the YBM's Board of Directors.

  • Me Stéphanie Beaulieu, directrice générale 2016-2021, Jeune Barreau de Montréal
  • Mme Aminata Bal, coordonnatrice 2006-2020 du Centre de développement professionnel (CDP) de la Faculté de droit de l’Université de Montréal
  • Me Catherine Ouimet, directrice générale 2008-2016, Jeune Barreau de Montréal (JBM)
  • Me Élizabeth Corte, juge en chef 2009-2016, Cour du Québec
  • Me Bertrand Gervais
  • Me Morton S. Minc, juge-président 2009-2015, Cour municipale de Montréal
  • Me J.J Michel Robert c.p., c.r., Ad. E, à la retraite
  • Me Nathalie Roy, Ad. E.
  • L’honorable Sophie Bourque
  • L’honorable Suzanne Courteau
  • L’honorable Pierre J. Dalphond
  • Mme Geneviève Gélinas
  • L’honorable Lukasz Granosik
  • Mme Doris Larrivée, directrice générale 2002-2019, Barreau de Montréal
  • Me Richard LaRue
  • Me Michèle Moreau
  • Me François Perron
  • Me Benoît Roberge
  • Me Isabelle Savard
  • L’honorable Martin Sheehan, Ad. E.
  • Me François Terroux
  • Ainsi que tous les ancien.ne.s président.e.s